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Guru SSR – Immunorich is a unique blend of Ancient Herbal knowledge and cutting edge Modern Technology. Immuno modulating herbs like Guduchi and adaptogen like Ashwagandha are blended with Cow Colostrum which is rich source of Ig G, Ig M, IgA Antibodies.

No. Herb Benefits
1 Colostrum Rich source of Ig G, Ig M, IgA Antibodies.
2 Brahmi It is known as brain tonic in Ayurveda so good for overall development in kids like grasping power, Intellectual power etc
3 Guduchi Known in Ayurveda to help in formation of all tissues like lymph, blood, muscle bone, fat etc. Potent Immuno-modulator
4 Ashwagandha Called as Indian Ginseng. Known for its Adaptogen properties. Acts as Rejuvenator.

Product Benefits
It aids in boosting immunity by directly providing antibodies for fighting various viral and bacterial infections.

1-2 capsule on daily basis