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Guru SSR – SLIMY is useful for weight management. It has all unique ingredients required for increasing basal metabolic rate and helps in weight management. It also helps to regulate LDL, Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

No. Herb Benefits
1 Aarogyavardhini Ancient Classical preparation and
2 Navak Guggul Ancient Classical preparation and
3 Vidangadi Loha Ancient Classical preparation and
4 Guggul Contain Guggulosterones which works as Anti-Arthritic Agent, also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and LDL from body.
5 Shilajeet Resinous product good source of natural minerals useful for overall metabolism
6 Ajwain Digestive and Carminative
7 Coleus Helps in fat metabolism
8 Garcinia Helps to decrease LDL, Cholesterol.

Product Benefits
It helps to regulate LDL, Cholesterol, and Triglyceride. Also helps to increase basal metabolic rate and assists in weight management

1-2 capsule on daily basis